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Be Fierce Friday - Conquering Your Social Media Doubt

Hey Beauties!

Woo Hoo! Happy Friday!


As we close out this week I wanted to say a few words to those who are fellow Business owners, Bloggers, You-tubers,  and anyone else feeling like their existence is being ignored or doubted in this great big social-media world.

For me I often encounter that little voice in my head telling me "Why are you doing this? What is the purpose? No one reads it anyway. No one hits that dreaded like button. No one comments or subscribes."
Let me tell you that voice annoys the crap out of me! Because in a sense, it is all true!

Then the better half of me tells me that "While I don't get that response I hope for. I love what I do. I will continue to do it no matter how others respond!" This is all true too!

Constantly struggling between the two is exhausting. And when you have come to that point when negativity takes over, that is exactly when we need to turn our mind from that negative state to a positive one!

Here are just a few tips that will help conquer this time of doubt and unease...

1) Step away from all social media for a day or two
I know this can be hard to do but it can be done.. If you just don't think you can, log out and don't log back in until the end of the day and/or beginning of your day, while you are having your coffee or breakfast and then LOG out! When we are able to step away we are also able to breathe. Waiting for that one like or comment all day is a task which drains you mentally.

2) Do something that keeps your mind busy.
If you are like me that basically stays home all day, do something that takes your mind away from reality. Working on a craft or watching a funny movie or exercising works for me.

3) Talk to someone!
And this is soo important. Know who that one person is that understands you. Who gets you. And possibly in no way connected socially on media. For example: My sister is on Instagram but not on Facebook. OR my girlfriend whos on YouTube & Google + but not on FB or IG. These are the ones who are not entirely social and that way you feel are not entirely "ignoring" or "unsupportive" of you since they are not on your main social-media source. These are the ones who can listen without being on the defense.

4) Remember that most people don't see your post.
I have found that by my own doing, I will skip along post as there is soo many, only to go back to try to re-read them all. This is time-consuming and before I know it, I have forgotten to do much of that. Much less hit like or comment.

5) Your posts on social media is often short-lived.
Meaning it is here today making waves but not next week. You know what you can do with this? Re Post! All those articles and pictures you have from months ago, can be up-cycled today! It may fair better then before and that is always worth a shot

6) Reflect on what you did accomplish
It does not have to be major. My biggest accomplishment was becoming part of a very great group of like-minded women on FB. Bloggers, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs; Whom are all coming together to support, encourage and help one another succeed.

More importantly, Remember your self-worth!
It more then likely there is that one person watching wishing they had that desire and strength that you had. Others may simply not like what you have to offer and that's OK too!
You will doubt yourself, it may happen more then once. Remind yourself that you started for you and not them. This social fear is un-healthy. Sitting behind a computer and a phone is only part of the equation!

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