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Blog Changes Coming Soon

In my ever growing attempt to try and better my blog I am have decided to completely re-vamp and refocus!

I want to love what I do and want you to love it too!

So I have decided to change up the template and over-all feel and look of the blog in order to make it easier for you, the reader, to navigate and engage. Of-Course I want it to be pretty and clean and all those things that a feminine blog should be!
Although I like the template I have now, I want and need a change...I know you do too! That's the fun part- Seeing something that grabs your eye. Something worthy ;)

Next I have come to realize that the best thing I can do for you is to provide a consistent schedule. Yes I already knew this but I find it a challenge on my part to be so consistent. This is where I will vow to change that (I hope)...

Recently I asked my followers on my social media accounts "What was it that they really wanted to see from me?" This stems from that pressure to find a niche. All I hear is that in order to really be successful is to have a niche or proper subject...which is also a challenge, since I love to write about everything!

Anyway the feedback from that question surprised me. Most people wanted me to stay genuine. To keep doing what I am doing and encouraged me to just write!
To be honest I was relieved to hear this as I want to be real and do my thing without caving into what is exactly acceptable in the blogging world!

I talked to my PR lady, my sister ;) and we then decided to arrange and start a small schedule as follows:

Made-Up Monday
Beauty Product Reviews, Looks, MOTDs, Hair care, Skin care, etc...

Workout Wednesday
My PiYO fitness updates. and any other new fitness ventures

Be Fierce Friday
Still all about inspiration and empowerment

Sassy Saturday
Mom Life Shenanigans


I will also be implementing Guest Post, Downloadable Content and Giveaways!

AS I continue to grow and evolve I have so many more ideas to add and I am soo excited for this next  chapter in my "Little Blogging Adventure"

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