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Family UPdate! My Life In A Nutshell!

I realize it has been awhile since I posted something kid or family-related
Another blogger friend of mine got me thinking about this

I look back and see that for the past month or so they have mostly all been Beauty or Fitness-related with the occasional Inspirational post thrown in here and there

But the truth is I have nothing cute to say.

Do you want to know that my kids are fighting nonstop. The tween is hella attitude-giving and the Sassy-pants is the messiest person in the house. It true! She is like a guy but double-time.

The younger one, the preschooler is still flying off the couches and head-butting everyone. Oh and recently he started saying "Imma punch your eye out". LOL I'm sorry I think it is the funniest thing...He only says it to his older brother anyway. And sometimes that Tween might deserve it ;)

I remember when the preschooler was a baby and I'd tell the not quite 'tween' yet, that one day this baby was going to be beating him up....BOY was I soo right!!!
Sassy-pants on the other hand likes to meddle in the middle of everything and naturally be a mother to the boys.
I mean, she is the middle child after all!

SO yeah I really have nothing exciting to say and if it was actually more interesting in this place, I'd let you know!

Oh wait!!!!

About 3 weeks ago we rescued and adopted a pup from out local county shelter!
He is a black Labrador Retriever mix about 3 1/2 months old. He is certainly the cutest thing. So sweet, so mellow and very, very smart. We, or I, have already taught him to sit, lay down and shake. Yah I'm that good! ;P

Puppy Dog Labrador Familydog AdoptdontShop

Sure he is another child and friends/family have all asked me "Who wanted the dog, you or the kids?" Well I am not gonna lie, It was mainly me and a little side helping of the kids. You know the preschooler is off to school next year...I need to fill the void ! Besides I thrive off chaos! I'm not fully myself unless my house is full of kids and crazy (sometimes).

So I guess I can say that we are all happy and healthy and things are good!
Even with all the crazy ages and hormones and now Dog that live under this roof....It really only makes things more interesting!

Why oh why can I never settle..

Well Cheers to the future...Heck cheers to tomorrow!

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