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Be Fierce Friday: The Next Chapter

I think most times when we think about the next chapter we think it is suppose to be something grand or amazing. Life-changing even.

To think about the next chapter might scare us , hold us back.
We become so set and comfortable in our own ways that any change, any step outside the box is so foreign that it freezes us. To say we are ready to move on to the next chapter is often the hardest thing to actually speak; Because in turn our mentality tells us that the next chapter needs to be this monumental thing!

I am telling you right now that that is simply a bunch of bullshit!

Our life is about all the little things that make us who we are. Our next chapters do not have to wow anyone. They do not have to be these grand amazing titles. In fact why does it need a title, I often title my stories at the end.

When you are at a point that you feel your ready for a change but maybe you just don't know what that is yet...that is actually the beginning for your chapter. This process of finding what it is you are missing is a story in itself.
Or maybe you do know what you want and it's finally time to actually act upon it. Get up and lay out a game plan and just do it.
Perhaps it is not that easy to do it? I get that too , it happens to me! So at this point it is all about taking the smallest tiniest of steps to achieve your goal and being patient.

I think it is absolutely amazing when we are ready to start a new beginning in our lives. No matter what it is!

AND yes I feel like I have soo many chapters in my book already. Failures, Successes, Life-Changers and many more. But that will not deter me from adding more into my book. As it shouldn't deter you either.

Raise up and conquer this world. Do something amazing that is amazing to you. What you do for you is something that can end up being so monumental in reshaping your entire world.

So get up and take on that next chapter. Right now! Today!

What are you going to do?
What phase are you in?
Let's share our stories and show support for each other. ONLY GOOD VIBES will be here


  1. Hi Jeanette, my mantra is "run your own race". Sometimes I feel like I lose, and some days I feel like I win. I also believe that "no change, is no change". Every day I have doubts about my career change, but ultimately I don't want to look back in x years and regret not having a crack....that's the journey, don't you think? Thanks so much. Amity

    1. Absolutely! Living life to YOUR fullest is what makes life fun and all worth it
      Thank you for reading and commenting!


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