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New Eyeliner, Fav Selfie and MOTD

Hi Beauties and Happy #madeupmonday
Maybelline, Eyeliner, Jeanette Ambers,

So I took this selfie a few weeks ago and it has stayed in my less then attractive pile of favorites (meaning I have none). For some reason or another pictures become a sort of cringe-worthy situation. I suppose my doubts began to play in my head and it is all down-hill from there.
But this picture, while I can sit here and critique it all day, I find that I really do like it.
I asked myself why I was OK with this picture as opposed to others?
I kept seeing the eyeliner.
I know it may not show too well in this picture to you; but it does to me, like really!
I am so much of a basics gal. I mean neutrals are my life. I seem to have lost my ability of colors years ago! Sad I know! LAME!!!!!
Anyway I finally came to my senses a couple months ago and then so happened to find these new gel eyeliner pencils from Maybelline that I feel in love with.
The Lasting Drama waterproof Gel Pencil
Maybelline, Waterproof liner, gel eyeliner, makeup, eyeliner
The color is soo rich and creamy.
Easily it glides on with minimal effort.
It really is water-proof and sweat-proof! trust me I know ;) but without the harsh never-coming-off  removal
OH and the price is freakin ah-mazing
The color I am wearing is Glossy Emerald and the other is Polished Amethyst.
Trust me, I will for sure be going to buy the rest of the colors.
I think they would look great on any skin-tone but they worked really well for my tanned-yellow skin...Which can be a little hard to match correctly.
So thank you once again Maybelline!!
 Who has tried it? or going out to try it next?
Maybelline - foundation, concealer & eyeliner
Ardell - eyebrows
Elf - eyeshadow
Tyra Beauty - eyelashes
Avon - blush
Giorgio Armani - lips

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