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Product Review: B.I.G. Lashes Silk Extensions

Happy #MadeUpMonday
I wanted to do a quick review on the B.I.G. Silk Extensions system by Tyra Beauty.

With fall and winter upon us lashes are totally a must, in my opinion, and unlike the many others who pay big bucks for their permanent eyelashes extensions or use false lashes every day I simply go the old school route. Curl, heat, apply..Then apply again..
If it aint broke don't fix it right!!

Well it was only a matter of time that I had to eventually try these cheaper alternatives that are the 'fiber' mascaras on the market. I still have not tried those...But I happened to get my hands on the Silk Extensions and mascara offered by the Tyra Beauty line of cosmetics.
It is similar to the fiber system only that it is made of silk instead of fibers, which is suppose to be softer, more gentle on the eyes giving a more natural look, while even improving the overall health of lashes.

I have had the pleaure of using the silk extensions for about a month now and can honestly say that I have enjoyed the results. The extensions really enhance and lenghten the lashes without looking fake; and boy did it make a difference.  It was really easy to apply and did not feel heavy. Even with some triple layer action!
I did notice however that the more you apply, some clumping action can be seen and uneven lengths but that's up to you to take the time to fix that. This type of care and extra application is great in achieving a night-time look.
I honestly would keep this as an everyday type of application. Opting for my false lashes for big events and night out.
Keep in mind that if your rushing it does add an extra step to your routine, as you have to apply the gel extensions, let dry a bit and then apply the actual mascara on top. I really don't feel like this is a total game changer as I have used in a rush as well, but it just does not grab as much as if you let it dry and set a minute. 

Now on to the negatives I have heard: Some people have claimed that it was irriatting on the eyes. I can't speak as of why exactly but I assume if your highly sensitive around the eye area this is expected. I used this on my daughter once (whom is very sensitive to certain products) and she was complaining of itching after an hour.

I too experienced some uncomfort once or twice when one of those pesky silk pieces got into my eye! Most likely my fault as it states to apply to the ends or tips of the lashes and I have a tendency to apply it all over
As you see in the picture above the silk lashes are clearly visible and plentiful.
The top wand is the mascara that comes with it as a set (can be purchased as a set or seperate) but the gel can be used with basically any mascara you choose. I even use it with my Maybelline

Overall I do recommend to try this product out if your looking for an alternative to natural-looking false lashes that you can use as everyday pop! I know it works great for this momma ;)

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