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Wine With Jeanette : A new youtube adventure

Hi Beauties

(For the record this post was suppose to be uploaded on Thursday...but you know shit happens)

 For a long time I have been thinking about my love for wine. You know how I love wine.  Like ALOT!!

Well I've also been thinking about my love for sharing stories and writing here on this very blog and pondering how I can somehow merge the two.
Wining while writing IS my greatest hobby. Who doesn't like wine? Or reading while wining?
I mean unless you don't like wine???
Really is that possible?  NO judgment here but I can help ;P
Don't get all dramatic on me. I am not an alcoholic. I am simply a 30 year old woman with 3 kids, 11 years of marriage under her belt, worked in a wine bar a few years so it was inevidable that I learned to love my wine.
Sure it is an acquired taste but HELLO the health benefits are abundent. Plus the variety of taste options leaves noone left out! Trust me, I can help ;)

Then there is YouTube. Which is a venture I have thought of doing for a looong time; but figuring out the logistics of it all drove me crazy! I'd even have to venture outside the comfort zone of my blog!
(I do better with writing then actually speaking...go figure)
I have no idea what I am doing, no prior experience, scared shitless, going out on a total newbie statues but I have to practice what I preach! I talk way too much about the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone so I better really step out of mine right!
SO please join me on this new little venture of mine!
"Wine with Jeanette"
Thursdays - 7pm 

This is such a new journey to me and I am taking you all along for the ride.
I am not going to pretend like I know what I am doing. SO please bear with me. Isn't that the fun part!
Hopefully eventually I can sing that Drake song "Started from the bottom now we here! Started from the bottom now my whole team here...." yep Boom! Now go watch and get involved!
Any and all suggestions welcomed :)

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