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Workout Wednesday: Get in that Morning Workout

If you are like me, sometimes it almost feels impossible to work out.

With day-to-day errands, kids, work, etc...There is NEVER enough time!
Or you could just be one that simply hates the thought of working out

Either way you know you should a little bit right?!

Well I want to challenge you!

I found this simple easy workout on (of-course) Pinterest from 
Don't underestimate Pinterest. There is a lot of information there.
Looks simple enough for the newest fitness recruits and even a seasoned one. Even I picked up and did this at some point in the day right before showering. I might of added a few extra squats , push-ups and crunches but I think this is a great addition!

What is your excuse?
Think about it...your about to jump in the shower, your probably fiddling around while the water gets warm anyway...DO IT! 

DO it today before you take that evening shower
DO it tomorrow before the shower
Heck do it when you want it

Take this challenge in stride and keep me posted with progress.
Good luck Beauties!

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