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Be Fierce Friday: When Things Do Not Go As Planned

It is finally Friday and the first day of July

While I had soo many hopes for the month of June, things got in the way. I experienced set-backs, disappointments, changes and while I did not get much closer to my goals as I had planned or hoped for,, I did make an attempt!

It sucks that I feel like I slacked it so badly. Like maybe I didn't make good use of my time or maybe I am too lazy. I even start to think I can't live up to these wild expectations of mine so why try?? Why should anyone take me serious if I can't even start what I say I am starting on time?! I get that!! It is totally unreliable!

I could stop right now and no one would even care or notice. I can sit here and pout and give up all day! I can give up all my dreams and hopes that I have for myself. Allow the disappointment to defeat me.

But I can also continue to try

Being a mother and a wife, a homemaker who takes care of almost every single detail while the hubby works 12 hours a day, is damn difficult! Don't get me wrong I am not blaming anyone since I signed up for this job but holy-shit it is like a never-ending story!

Things hardly ever go as planned around here...I figure why not share that?

Yesterday I filmed the crappiest YouTube video yesterday for my 'Wine with Jeanette' series that I am TRYING to do. Horrible lighting, a bunch of background noise, the blabbering.. all the things that do not make good videos,  but I was soo determined to get a video up just to show the reality of life as a mom and what I need to do to get shit done for myself.

But sadly after all that, I couldn't even upload the video!! I worked on it all night and all day but it did not work or better yet I just couldn't figure it out.

I am such a newbie, every step is a learning process and I am not going to sit here and pretend I know it all because that is not me. I pride myself on being me, being real and raw and uncensored. I could get a lot of backlash for being a shitty blogger or writer or editor. That is really OK lol!

I never try to be anything I am not! I have too much fun being me and allowing failure to be a stepping stone to the future and that is what I want to share with you. If I lose you along the way, I am sorry that I did not live up to expectations but I promise you that one day I will have my shit together and if I can encourage you to stick it out and never give up....Well then I have done my job!

Finger crossed for a better month! July here I come!!

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