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Boobies and Bras

They are pretty cool aren't they!
 Big ones, small ones, normal ones. I mean having boobs are the exact things that physically distinguish us from our male counterparts. I'd say boobies are our superpowers! Besides having babies of-course!
But boobies can save an entire civilization! MILK ANYONE?
 Some might say boobies are over-rated but I don't think so. You should just love your bobbies the way they are. Unless of-course you don't love them and desire a little enhancement , or a lot; Or maybe even a reduction if your boobies have suddenly overgrown or sag or lopsided....
In that case pay for your boobies!
What is the shame? I paid for mine!
I think I was barely even an A cup, even after having 2 kids! I was desperate for boobs. I wanted my shirts to fit nicely. Bathing suits to look semi-sexy and well I wanted boobies for me, for my self-esteem. I don't think their is any shame in enhancing yourself if you really feel you need it. I am about a smaller D cup - 32D to be exact and I love my boobies to the moon and back! I don't look uneven nor am I falling forward. In fact people don't even realize I have fake boobs until I tell them I got them about 6 years ago.
But if you pay for boobies please be realistic , honest and smart! If you can't afford 'em, STUFF EM!! lol
Anyway enough about my boobies. Let's talk about yours!
Are they real ? Fake ? Do you love them ? Hate them ?
I'm curious. I think if we can be honest here and chat about it , it won't be such a taboo topic. I mean every women has boobies right.
I used to be insanely obsessed with Victoria Secret Bras. That is until my best girlfriend sent me one as a gift from this store called Soma Intimates
Women, Bra, Soma Intimates, product review, style, fit, fashion
OMG like the best bra EVER!!
This strapless bra she sent me actually felt comfortable and I was not constantly pulling it up as I had to do with the VS one (maybe it is already worn down). But man the Soma one... This baby was like the holy grail of bras. It pushed up (b/c after the 3rd kid my boobies are saggy! Yes the fake ones), it stayed in place and was soft and smooth on the skin.
A few weeks later another girlfriend happened to call and tell me about this exact same store that she had found wonderful bras at. Now mind you my girlfriend is like a FF or some shit like that so she constantly has a hard time with bras, but she was raving on and on about it! Something about having bruises with other bras (I guess that happens when your boobs are giganourmous).  

The prices range about the same as any other good bras do $40+ . Variety and Sizing are same as anywhere else. But in this panels opinion, they are our current favs!!
Bra, Soma Intimates, Style, Fit, Fashion, Strapless Bra, Lingerie

I don't really love bras. The minute I get home I rip that baby off!! Even sports bras are too much sometimes.

What's crazy is every time I come up on a story on the web, there is always 2 sides:
1) Bras are good for you
2) Bras are not good for you

Wonder why we waste so much time talking about this. Boobies are boobies. Wear a bra or don't. Make your own choices and pay attention to your body or boobies for this matter. That's it! It's that simple!!

Have a Boobie-licuous day 

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