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Kicking off a week of THE WOMAN!! Today..Childbirth Support System

Happy Weekend Lovies,
I am going to do something new and fun this week!
This week is going to be all about us Women! From Bra's to Booties and everything that makes us unique. Nurturing the princess or queen we all want to be.
 As women we go through soooo much. Periods, Pregnancies, Breastfeeding, Beautifying, Mom-ing, Wife-ing, Working, ..I mean we carry so many roles. How do we keep up?!
We keep up by simply being WOMAN !

So to get things started let us dive into what make us phenomenol...Childbirth

Now todays post may not be very relevant to some of you but I know a few of you have just had babies and some of you may be soon expecting ;) so please read on!

Whether its your first, second, third or sixth!! Pregnancy and Childbirth is always different. Always a pain in the ass and always an amazing process. I've had 3! Going through each one was oddly new to me but familiar at the same time. I read so many books, researched so many symptoms but I never focused anytime of the fitness side of it all. Truth be told, pregnancy was an excuse.

Sadly I now experience back pains like no other. I will never be the same.

Well not too long ago I came across a fellow mompreneur in one of my facebook groups and happened upon her site  Miracle Months .

Miracle Months is a site dedicated to "Empowering Women Through Pregnancy and Beyond". They focus on the importance of health and fitness through each trimester and post-natal changes.

Libby, the creator of the program, generously offered me entrance into the 4th Trimester/Post-natal program. I really was interested; and yes I realize the program may not apply to me right now...but you know me...Always interested in learning more about everything! Especially if I can help others!

Weekly emails started flowing abundantly with Tips, Exercises, Stories and Recipes. I seriously dove into each one of them and appreciated all the info at my fingertips. There is literally a whole team of experts here:

Meditation Leader
Pre and Post Natal Yoga Instructors

All working to benefit you!! The support in your pregnancy provided by this team of experts is something you don't normally find. Unless you have $$$ to spend for each one of them.

I seriously wish this was around when I was preggo!

But I really didn't have to be pregnant to understand and appreciate what was going on here. 4 years out of my last baby and if I never exercised one day in the past 4 years then this would have been perfect for me too!

I won't lie I did do the workouts all myself and they were great! The focus I had on my body instead of pressing it to the point of insanity was refreshing and invigorating.

What I really appreciated was that the exercises were quick and very easy to follow. As a busy mom it can be hard to squeeze in extra time to do anything and this program allows you to follow on your time but with daily motivation.

It is often hard to find real people who have your back in times of change and here I felt the love. Easy to understand. Easy to talk to. Relatable and Supportive.
These women are here for women and that is so important!

Thank you Libby for sharing this amazing program. Highly recommended to those expecting or any freshly born mommies out there! So check em out!

You can still kick ass in this time of change. Embrace it and Go with it! Find a team behind you and rock it!
Do you need a team? I am here!
Any Questions? I am here!
I got your back ;)

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