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Sick Funk and Man Babies

ReSharing for Saturday Repost :)
Still love this one!
Hey Beauties!
I have been seriously sick these past couple weeks. First it started off as a simple cold/allergy thing then it suddenly blossomed to this lovely thing called Pneumonia, YUK!!

I sit here writing this through my phone, on my couch where I have been stuck for the last week! 

Ugh seriously cabin fever almost kicking in but I really do not want to go out to the real world. I've almost completely shut off everything in my life. Especially social media and my blog. Which I have seriously neglected! I kinda just shut down because of the sick-funk and at the same time lost all my will-power.

Currently I am on 4 different meds. I am recovering and feeling better then I have in days. So I wanted to write! 

I wanted to share a funny story actually. While I was sick so was the Hubby. I don't even know where to start with this guy. First off, please don't tell me I am alone when I say how MEN are such BABIES! For real!! 

I have been sick for weeks and manged to still care for the kids and get shit done.
While Hubby layed around complaining and not shutting up about "how sick he is". He would sit here and literally think about what was hurting him and how much it was hurting him! I love him to death but obviously if you sit here thinking about it , then you feel it more Duh! He'd keep saying how much more sick he was, how he had fever worse then mine, blah blah blah!

Funny part.... I went to the Urgent care where I found out I had pneumonia. He ran there right after I got home and found out he had it too.
But straight up the Dr. said "your wife is way worse then you are", showed him the difference in the X-rays and prescribed him 1 med and told him to drink lots of water. 

Haha that sure shut him up real quick! 😂 
I'm sorry but men lighten up your not gonna die! 

I just love the feeling of proving to the Hubs that I am always right! Even when I say nothing at-all! (Just kidding....kinda) 😉
I suppose that's why I love this guy even when we drive each other crazy ❤️

Men babies...Who has em?!?!

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