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The Joys of Periods...NOT

Can we talk about something SUPER ANNOYING today

Whatever the fuck you wanna call it

I  hate it! What is it for! Why do we need a monthly reminder that we are a woman? Why must our inner walls need to shed? Why must our bodies cause us more pain? WHY??
Day 3 into mine and I literally wanna pull my uterus out of my body. Like why the hell do I need to just put up with this bullshit. My back aches, my stomach bloats, my boobies are harder then a rock and there is blood rushing out of my vagina.

Not to mention the bitch that I have become! I seriously feel sorry for those around me. I am not pleasant. I try to be but give me one wrong look. Say one word wrongly. You know what, if I find you looking at me I will cut you .
But say something I find super mean , I will cry. I will get my feelings hurt, fall into a black hole and feel sorry for myself the rest of the day, or week.
Don't even get me started on the blood. OK who has had this happen?
You are running errands, here and there, maybe your at work and all of a sudden BAM your undies (or chonies as I call them) are wet! WTF just happened...Your body just then decided to bleed??? Sometimes you even feel the shit, the clots, coming out. How would you know if it's your period or discharge, maybe it's pee? Don't front like you never peed yourself. You wouldn't really know until you get around to a bathroom to check!

I don't care how prepared you are every month for this shit...You uterus has a mind of its own! A fucked up mind full of anger, sadness, rough killing machine! Like that movie Inside Out, only evil and sadness fill it entirely!!
How about when your waiting and expecting for it to start and it never seem to come. I waited for mine for a week. You know how much that sucked ASS!
Oh and when your late your freaking out that your pregnant even if you haven't even had sex! You start to trace back day be day wonder if you were too drunk one day to remember! Where did I go? Who did I see? In my case.... Did my hubby's sperm swim through the fuckin bed?

Women Period Hormones Menstruation

Why are men so lucky to not go through this. Compared to women they are just a bunch of weaklings!

For the record I know exactly why we have a period....The egg, the sperm, the preparation etc etc...  Just venting a little because I AM ON MY PERIOD!!!!!

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