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What Motivates Me to Exercise...the clothes of-course

I have to be totally honest with you gals
I have not worked out in 2 weeks.. Before that it had been already 2 weeks which brings the total time from me going at it everyday to basically nothing ,, about a month!!
What the heck have I been doin??
Most likely it would be not a damn thing. Just the everyday life of kids and errands and blogging. OH and WINEing of-course! UGH curse you wine...calling my name at night when I should be exercising! Not cool red, NOT COOL
Kids have been out of school and I have been living in my PJs and old ass clothing. Surely I m not going to wear my regular nice clothes when I am not doing anything really important. Plus it has been over 110 degrees here lately. I hate the though of my nice shirts and dresses, pants, shorts, etc.. all stinky and wet from sweat! EWW! and yes I did say shorts and pants full of sweat?! Who freakin doesn't sweat on their legs or crotch area..
I don't know even my work out clothes are ruined from the excess wear. so naturally I use them for those shitty days of running around in heat with the kids.
This does not make me want to work out at-all! I feel frumpy and ugly and ehh Let me just sit and hibernate.
Call me crazy but the days I want to work out happen to be the days I actually look good and feel good in workout gear. I mean it is like going out on a good day when your shit is on-point. No-one can F-- with you! Well same exact shit.
We work our asses off to look good. Make our bodies the way we want it. Dragging our asses to the gym feeling shitty in our own ways for our own reasons. Then we are expected to waltz into it feeling all shitty?? No we should be walking in in our most sexiest, hardcore outfit ready to impress and distress!
I wore that outfit in that picture above and suddenly I was game to work out even though my day was super busy. AS I always say, I cant let a good look go to waste ;)
Well it may not be much to you, I felt good in this little number and I wanted to feel good when I took it off too. Needless to say this outfit jumpstarted the couple days I worked out this month. Then I ran out of cute workout tops and I fell down to the abyss of shittyness
All I am trying to say is that if you find it hard to exercise, try something different to motivate you. For me it is a new top. Maybe it is not classified as workout gear...I don't care really cuz it works for me!

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