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YouTube - Getting It All FIgured out

OK Lovies I think I finally figured out how to use YouTube! yay me! 

Say what you will about my incompetence. Yah it only took me a couple weeks to figure out that I could do it all from my phone and I didn't need to download this one app LOL

I got my first official video up. It is pre-recorded and it is not exactly going to be a killer on stats. It is way young in professional terms. The lighting and audio is unworthy of the vlogger, next channel over, who has all her shit on lock.

Trust me I know I have a lot of learning and growing to do in this new wave of video action.
I've ordered lights, looking into those microphone things, clearing up space in my house from all the crummy kids taking over my office space (you will see it at the end of the video) SO at-least I am on the rebound...or I should say on a mission.

I have no shame in my game.
All I know is that I have a vision and I am going for it. Even if it is the shittiest start in comparison to others out there in my same field of aspiration. I like to keep things as real as possible.
So anyway watch my video here and don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE lololol

Happy ThrisyThursday LOVIES !!!!!

Exactly why I choose to be raw and real. Not everyone has the shit figured out ;)


  1. Hi..ive always had trouble with videos. I think i finally figured it out too. congrats!

  2. Haha what a great first video!

  3. I've totally been playing with YouTube recently too! It's kind of fun that it is becoming such a thing! Nicely done my dear!


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