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Getting back into Beast mode with P90x

Hi Lovies!

Can you believe it has been over a month since I have been on my workout binge?

Maybe you can believe it because I can believe it too!

I would do a couple days here and there but nothing consistent. Even the last couple post I wrote for #WorkoutWednesdays were a whole lotta chatter with no base. Except for the Clean Eating one , in which I really have been making a effort in this department (or at-least when I actually remember to buy healthy items ;p)

I wont go into all my excuses like work and kids and acitives, etc etc..even though they are good excuses the truth is there are not enough excuses to have made me stop.

When I was fully into my workout binge I noticed my shorts were a lot tighter. Which meant my legs were bulking up. Not like the Hulk or anything but when you wear size 1 shorts and you put them on and suddenly its a little harder to zip up and you feel like your shorts might rip at the seams,, that is like a feeling of "Call me Master Shredder"... #BEASTMODE
Like you can take on anybody , anywhere !

But then in July those same stupid shorts were no longer tight. My Master Shredder feeling was GONE! No more #beastmode , no more taking on the world. It was more like #chickenlegs all over again

I NEED to be Master Shredder! I NEED to be in BEAST MODE! I want to feel like I have meaty thighs and a bubble butt!! Not that I don't love my body now, cuz I do! I just want to feel like a judo master sometimes!

So I had had enough of feeling like a damn chicken!
August , here I came! 

Now in Week 2 of  P90x -- My girlfriend convinced me

I will never ditch my PiYO but this is good! It's like a good cardio-focus program while still having some of the moves I learned in PiYO, which is really great for the summer. PiYO does not offer much cardio and I can not necessarily go running in 100+ degree weather. NEVER .. DONT TRY TO CONVINCE ME TO RUN IN THIS HEAT!

I have to be honest and say that these workouts are way longer then I like and punching into the air is odd and yes I realize this program is kinda old in comparison to other "newer" programs; It is still pretty damn effective! My whole body is sore.

On my upside I do like the different exercises within each video, the short water-breaks, the quicker tempo (kinda) and of-course the ability to do this from home. A huge plus for me!

I don't know, call me crazy...but I am willing to try just about anything so long as I do not have to pay for or go to a gym. I am not a gym-ie!
Just a chicken-leg mom looking and working for some kind of results!!!

Wish me good-luck! Have you tried P90x?

Master Shredder #BEASTMODE

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