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#topknotTuesday How I went from Orange to Magenta hair

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It's TopKnot Tuesday and today we need to address my hair! 😂

 OK so you know I have basically had my hair color every fuckin name in the book....BUT never pink! I mean the thought of trying pink on this Latina is just ridiculous!
Sure I could pay like hundreds of dollars to get there but Heck this momma is on a budget! NEVER can I afford it after 3 kids!!!
Recently I just got an itch, or as my husband likes to call it my "obsessions"....Ok its true! I have OCD and Anxiety when I think of something I 'have' to do.
 I decided it was time Go Pink or Go Home! (Home as in red or brown or some shit like that).
I don't mind if I mess it up and I don't mind if I end up having to cut all my hair off. I like short hair anyway!! ;P
Let me tell you it took me about 3 1/2 months!

But I finally did it!
Step 1
Bleach - wait in between 2 or 3 weeks of bleach and bleach again
Step 2
Deep Condition. Doesn't matter what brand you use, as long as it works and you can tell it works
Step 3
Be Patient
Transformations DO NOT Happen Overnight!
Step 4
If you have layers of excess color like I did and still it looks orange,  use a color remover, like the one pictured above and take it out!
Step 5
Just dye it and see what happens
Step 6
Really...You are doing it yourself, you are not a professional. So stop having all these high-hopes!
I honestly just love doing my hair. I don't mind a little imperfection or a challenge.
Of-course I am no expert ... merely just sharing my processes. I love my hair, it is my security but I also love to LIVE;  even whilst on a budget! It is never too late to live!
YouTube video below that really explains my processes ;) Please watch, like, comment and subscribe!
Have a great night Lovies xoxo

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