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Wanted: Bloggers, Experts, Lovers

I want to officially open up my blog for any guest posts.

Style Mavens, Beauty Experts, Fitness Buffs, Foodies, Drinkers, Travelers, Mommy Bloggers

UNITE (Fist bump in the air)

Here at Jeanette Ambers we are fun, crazy, humorous, inspired, drunk and classy/smart-assy . Looking through my blog you will find quite a few different topics with quite a few different modes.
I don't believe that we have to live to one conformity or that I should narrow down my niche because "it brings in more followers". I believe in relating to real life and touching down on all the things I love.
If you fit here then please reach out and lets make this place a little more fun and a little more crazy!!
and be sure to follow me on social media-- @jeanetteambers or @Jeanette_ambers on IG

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