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WIne of the Week: Hob Nob Chardonnay (Wine Review)

The Newbies Guide to Chardonnay
Chardonnay - A green skinned grape variety used to make white wine (Wikipedia).
There are a few ways chardonnay can be produced into the wine in it's. Grown under cool or medium climates and fermented in either oak or stainless steel barrels; Each process provides a different flavor.
Cool Climates produce a lean, crisp flavor that is lower in alcohol content but higher in acidity and earthy flavors.
Medium Climates produces a honey, tropical fruit that is smooth with lower acidity and higher alcohol content. 

Chardonnay pairs well with fish, chicken and lighter appetizers
Oak vs Stainless steel is debated heavily in the wine industry.  
According to Chardonnay, he requires a careful aging in oak. Oak can produce an over-abundance of buttery notes if aged too long. While a steel barrel tends to give a less attractive note and flavoring that is a new age process. While it is great for those who desire a fully crisp, clean, non-earthy option, it is a cheaper process for mass-production giving this a better option for bigger companies
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Wine of the Week

Grown in California's central valley under a medium climate (as mentioned above), the chardonnay grape is full and ripe with a fruit-forward base. Picked at season , fermented for 15 days and oak aged for 6 months. This chardonnay packs a 13% alcohol content.

Filled with aromas of rich almond, hazelnut and honey, the 2014 Chardonnay is crisp and easily palated by even the newest recruits.

Awards/Mentions: 2014  GOLD Los Angeles International Wine Competition (2012 Chardonnay)


 I am not a big Chard fan. It never suited my palate. It was either too earthy from the oak or flavorless from the stainless steel. Often chardonnay is very buttery and for a white wine , which I am not a big white drinker, I had no desire to try any Chardonnays and perfectly happy without it.

Until I meet HOB NOB.
Opening the bottle I had no expectations. Bringing it to the nose I immediately received an apple honey aroma. This was odd to me as I don't think I have ever had a chardonnay with such a fruity sensation.

I am not saying that it is fruity sweet as the oak barrel seemed to keep the sweetness of the fruit at bay and balance out the flavors in way that made it such a crisp yet smooth white wine.

I found myself quite enjoying it after getting past the initial first sip, in which I was sure it would be a disaster for my mouth... Soon I was on glass 2! Pairing well with our salmon, rice dinner that night I was ever impressed that the flavoring was consistent. Even when I went in for another taste the next few days. 
NOTE: Generally white wine should be enjoyed by the 2nd or 3rd day of opening.

Needless to say I will be buying this wine. Hob Nob Chardonnay has earned it's place in my home!

At a price of $10 or less I find this wine remarkably impressive of the process, taste, aroma, flavoring and packaging. It is a testament that affordability should not take away from the craft. So thank you wine-maker! You've done your job and made me Chardonnay gal ;)

I must also mention what fun Hob Nob Vineyards creates. Have a look around their Website to be introduced to whole "Hob Mob" family. Happy Hob Nobbing!!
 CHEERS!!! -------

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