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Writing, Workout and Wine

Let's just start by saying that this post has no real purpose. You will not find anything of value. Which I realize you will only read if it benefits you in any way so if you don't feel like wasting your time...fine by me.. I get like that too ;)

I sit here at my desk wondering if I should write for WorkoutWednesday or WineWednesday..........

I find myself messing with my phone, checking on the kids, chatting with the hubby, eating some chips, cleaning up, and before I know it an hour has gone by and I am still staring at this blank page!

So then I serve myself some WINE...after all it is Wine Wednesday right?!?!

Wine helps me think DUH!
Oh wait I have to check my messages........turn up the music (its my favorite song)........Let the dog out........Oh crap now I am out of wine.....Filler up.........................

Damn it Jeanette just write!!!

You see this is a writers problem or in correct terms know as a "Writers Block".
I can get a block sometimes but today I am not blocked,, I have too much in my head....But OH WHERE TO START!

That is the hardest part you know! What is the opening line?? Do you start with the usual Good Evening, Happy Wednesday,, or do you just dive all in and start rambling on ?!

What are the right words, the right phrases, the right emotions...Fuck it's like a damn tornado in my head.
OK OK here it goes
Hey Bitches

Hope your having a fabulous day! I started P90x a few days ago so my ass is sore. I'm still in my workout clothes from this morning and I don't really care!

It is evening time now so I've moved on from Workout Wednesday to Wine Wednesday. Cheers to this Chardonnay that helps me close out the day on a happy note!!!


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