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10 Things You Don't Know About Me

AS if you needed more information about me ;) Thought this would be fun to share!

1) I was Homeschooled
Went to school up till halfway through my sophmore year and then left because I couldn't handle the drama lol

2) I know how to Hand-Sew
My grandmother taught me at a young age and I can sew about anything but I do not know how to use an actual sewing machine

3) I gave a boy a bloody nose in the 4th grade
NO this is true! He would not leave me alone, so I turned around and punched him resulting in blood everywhere .. Bad I know!

4) I am a really good dancer
I love to dance and will dance any chance I get. I can drop it like it's hot (hah)

5) I never go out alone when it is dark out
I am such a scardy-cat! When the sun goes down I stay in lol

6) I am afraid of heights
The older I get the more scared I become

7) I am not the outdoorsy type
It will take a lot out of me to ever go camping EVER

8) I have a hole in my eardrum
From having consistent chronic ear infections since I was 12 I now have a hole in my eardrum that results in slight hearing loss but  I am afraid to have surgery on it. (Too close to my face)

9) I do not like to cook
If I ever become rich I would hire a chef. I would rather clean then cook any day!

10) I cannot speak Spanish
I grew up in a bilingual household and watched Spanish TV but I cannot even speak or understand it well at all! I am the worst Latina ever! lol

SO there you go, 10 Things You Don't Know About Me!
I hope it was interesting enough ... xoxo

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