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What Am I Doing These Days...

It has officially been 2 weeks since I have had No kids at home anymore. From the hours of 8:25 - 2pm I am free of Tweens, Gradeschoolers  and TK-ers (TK is Transitional Kindergarten...yah its new to me too).

My youngest child started this TK and all I hear is "What are you doing with your time now" "How are you, now that your all alone" "Are you OK" etc, ect..

I won't lie I was not looking forward to have an empty house for so long. I have had kids at home for the past 12 years! I dreaded these days I would be alone. Like really I am wimp!

HOWEVER I find myself sitting here feeling not so empty as I had anticipated. I thought I'd cry. Be miserable. Hate life. Feel the need to pick him up. Get to the school an hour early and wait in the parking lot
LOL People really do that LOL.
But I feel none of those things. Sure I miss him but I miss him like I do my other kids. I don't necessarily miss him any more then the others. Strange but true!

I can't miss him because he made it so easy for me to leave him.
Secretly I hoped that he would cry for me or want me to stay but I quickly realized he was ready to leave me! No really!

He kissed me on that first day, waved goodbye and that was it! What's worse, not really worse ;), was that upon pick up he had the biggest smile on his face and told me all about it!  I though maybe the next day would go my way or the next week perhaps...Nope! He loves school. He plays , he hardly notices me when I leave, he is excited and he is just What the hell is wrong with you kid? Your suppose to cry for me

In retrospect he was ready and so was I

I loved him home but I also love him getting away from me. He has friends, he is learning from someone other then me. Learning educational skills but also what is like to be in a real world. Self-control, respect, friends.. Things I just could not teach him at-home. (I could but not in that same way)

Again let me say I have been home with kids for the past 12 YEARS! I would never change it, never go back. I am freer right now then I have been in a looong time! Life keeps m eon my toes either way. Only this way I have 2 arms to tackle it and not just 1!

My energy that I have after taking my kids to school is more then I had when they were home with me. I am able to Work on my blog, make my You-tube videos, Help a friend out at her day-care, Clean the house the right way, Shop in peace, Read a book, Craft a project, Exercise with out someone on my leg and Take some time to take care of myself.
Oh of-course I spend time Studying my hobbies; Wine, Makeup, Skincare, etc..

So What Do I Do With My Free Time?

and maybe sometimes NOTHING AT ALL ;) The point is that my Free time is Me time and I do not feel bad about it. I love my Me-time! I do not feel guilty either way!
Have a great evening Lovies!
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