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Wine of the Week: Eppa Sangria (Wine Review)

Hi everyone and cheers to coming back for another "Wine With Jeanette"!

It has been about 2 weeks , too long! Today we talk SANGRIA (in my Spanish rolling r's accent) "SEXY RED SANGRIA" wink, wink....ok ok I will stop lol!!

I know for a fact some of you are Sangria-Lovers! I know you love the fruit toppings, the ice, the sweetness. I mean who does not like sangria?!  
ummm, me! I know , I know shocking right! I just really really like my red wine to be deep and tart..

Sangria , IF YOU DON'T KNOW, is basically a wine that is mixed with fruit juice and according to BING Sangria is "a Spanish drink of red wine mixed with lemonade, fruit and spices", calling Spain it's place of birth, processed from the Tempranillo grape blend <- ok that I did not know ;P

This week I had the pleasure of trying out the Eppa Sangria sent over to me from Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits

What is different about Eppa is that it is a truly all organic wine. From the grapes to the organic fruit juices and even Certified by the CCOF ; California Certified Organic Farmers. Offering up a premium taste rich in 2x the antioxidants of regular wine. Eppa prides itself on being a real vegan and vegetarian friendly wine. I mean why wouldn't they, they are growing rapidly in both popularity and sales.

EPPA offers 2 options: (what other options are there?)
- SupraFruta Red
- SupraFruta White

I had the pleasure of being sent the SupraFruta Red!
Eppa Red is a blend of pomegranate, blueberry, blood orange, acai juices and select red wines made from organically grown grapes. You should find overtones of the citrus, pomegranate and berry.

California crafted
9% in alcohol content 
140 calories
90 point rated by The Tasting Panel
Twist Cap - Ready to drink

Sangria Lovers rejoice. No mess, no fuss, just pour over ice and enjoy! 
While I gave this wine numerous tries and served in a couple different ways, I could not get past the rich sweet flavors of berries. I honestly did not get any citrus notes. Although this would be great for those of you that quite enjoy a fruity drink, I can not. 

I tried over ice. Tried at room temp. Tried with a pile of fruit and let it set a few hours,, however the sweetness of the fruit was just too overwhemling for me. 

Although I would not mind keeping this on hand as a quick and easy drink for guest who much prefer something of that caliber. I mean the price is affordable at $9.99  over at my local Total Wine and More store; so that is right up my alley. I would most likely serve it best as is. But you can find some great recipes HERE , a couple of which I would like to try for my guest as-well.

Despite my personal difference with the Red Sangria , I am tempted to go out and try the White Sangria......Now white is something I might not mind with a bold fruit flavor!

Happy Sangria-ing
:) xoxoxo

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