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Wine Wednesday: Tank Garage Winery Chardonnay

Halfway through the week and it is my favorite day WINE WEDNESDAY
I could drink all I want and actually have something to say like "I am drinking this for my blog". It is accurate anyway!
As most of you know, I am not a big Chardonnay fan. I steer clear of it. Not that it is the most awful thing the world; I guess I prefer red over white and Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc over Chardonnay.
However if it is offered I have to try it don't I?  No, not really ... but when a girlfriend shows up at my door with a gorgeous bottle in hand I immediately wanna get to know the wine. That package cant' be that pretty for nothing

She comes in , we pop it, we take pictures, LOL, and then we drink.
Two glasses later and I really think I could do this Chardonnay. The butter was rich but the oak kept the strength at bay, producing a very smooth very clean flavor that went down easily and somehow left me wanting more in terms of the flavor and aroma.
I don't know if it was because the more I drink , the more I become accustomed to the flavor or that I really quite enjoyed it. I would love to try again but one thing to note is that when Tank Garage Winery comes out with a bottle of wine, it is always a limited edition.
You will most likely not find that same bottle again. Sad but true.
Perhaps this makes it more intriguing. Perhaps they are doing their job right!
Wanting more of something but it is gone, wondering if it was as joyous as thought. One of the worlds most greatest mysterious ... Even for something so simple as wine!
If you have a chance head over to their site and check them out. The bottles are just gorgeous! Printing labels is costly and most wineries stick with generic. So when a winery puts that much care and detail to the label , it has to mean passion!
Here is a short poem I found on my bottle next to that beautiful picture of the woman and the bear
"Slow Tango"
As the sunset nearly faded,
I asked for her hand.
She hesitated for a moment,
There wasn't even a band
She began to whisper softly,
While she gently stroked her hair.
Sir you are a gentlemen,
But more than I can bear.
Then she turned to walk away,
But I could not let go.
Madam I'm willing to forgo the waltz,
If you would allow me a slow tango.
Have the most Beautiful Wine Wednesday! Get out there and try something different. Happiness can be found in a bottle :) (at-least for a little bit) lol

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