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A Letter To My Son About Love

My Sean,
This is totally off my usual topic. We know that I am not very deep but considering this life at this moment I knew that I had to write this.

We may laugh and joke about the subject of Love. You don't give it much thought as you are far to young to think about it. Quite honestly I may be far to young to talk about it.

I do not really know exactly what love is or what it means. I know that my love for you and your siblings is immeasurable. That I do know; and for that I can say that Love is the most powerful thing in the world.

But to love someone that is neither yourself, your kids or your family is potentially one of the hardest things to understand in your lifetime. It can be overwhelming and amazing. It can mean life and happiness but it can also hurt. How much does it hurt? I am uncertain. I just know that it can but I also know that it should not hurt enough that it starts to kill you.

You will meet someone one day and you may be crazy for her. You can lust after her but to love her is a delicate process. You should accept her for all that she is. Her beauty, her mind, her flaws. Her laugh and her smile. Her dreams and her ambitions. Sure you will find something you do not like but all the rights should overwhelm that one little wrong you see.

You must promise that when you meet this one you call "your love" that you never stop showing her your love. Do not get comfortable. Do not forget about her. Do not take her for granted. Never stop opening doors for her or holding her hand. Never belittle her for that breaks her away piece by piece.

I know that everyone makes mistakes. We all screw up every now and then. It is OK, it is life after all. Just promise that you will try to make it right before it is too late.

But my son, as much as you give her please allow her to give that to you. She should love you the same.

I know that as you get older you will see that women can be very complicated beings but remember that they can love hard, yet hurt the most. The simplest things are what we desire the most.

Please Sean when you fall in love give your whole heart , halfway love in no love at all.

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