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Thanksgiving-Is Their A Chill In The Air?

Well here we are...
The Tuesday right before Thanksgiving!

Where we find ourselves shopping and cooking and baking. Decorating our houses, lawns and towns. Putting on our very best OOTDs and MOTDs.

Excited for the prospects of this festive season. How wonderful this time of year is!

But let us get real here for a minute!

How many of you find that with this warmth of joy comes with a small chill of uncertainty?

While we sit here prepping for the madness of Thanksgiving get-together's, Christmas shopping,  money spending and guilty food indulgences. The uncertain family members we have to see. The traffic we must drive through. The endless hours baking and meal prepping.

I mean depending upon the person, more or less, this list is fairly accurate for anyone!

You wanna know what my biggest "chill of uncertainty" is?

Braving the lines, finding exactly what I want, dealing with people I would rather not want to deal with. Shopping is not my best friend. I do find joy in shopping....I don't find joy in having my personal space dented. Arms length people! ARMS LENGHT!
My personal space is not for rent!!

NO matter ... a little shot of warm vodka and I will be on my way ;)

Now days you can't say the word Thanksgiving without the word Shopping...Or Shopping without the word Black Friday.

I am curious, What is your biggest gripe of this Turkey week???

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