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Be Fierce Friday: Believing In Yourself

Do you know the importance of believing in yourself?

Like really 

I know most times I feel like I'm going no where, ready to settle right where I am at. I get tired of pushing ahead believe me!

But something really amazing happened to me the other day. And the other week. And the other month. Heck this year of 2016 has been growing!

My blog has been my baby for a couple years now. I work hard on it. I devote time and effort even though I know that some posts don't really get seen. I know the traffic is not like some others.
But I have had a few great opportunities that no matter how small, are steps towards the future.
I've had the pleasure of working with a couple different brands and websites in terms of swapping product samples and guest postings; which has been really really amazing. 

This month I found out that I get to be a student featured blogger for this makeup school I am going too! Which is like something I have dreamt of. I am not sure of all the details yet but I feel so happy for the opportunity.  Writing is my first love always! So being able to write and write about something I am passionate about is my ideal life!

I also got my YouTube channel up and running. It is small and I have not had the chance to post regularly and I even got my first "dislike" whomp, whomp . I am excited for the prospects and for the simple fact I got it set up!
I have even been able to help a few people out with my videos...Now that is a big accomplishment right there!

Aside from my blog and channel. I got a real job! LOL!
I had to - It's life!

I started my new job about 2 weeks ago and something really amazing happened....I got promoted in the first week! 

It's true!

While I asked to be considered for the position I knew I was not first choice. I mean I didn't have the skills or experience as the next person. I am just jumping back onto the work force after 3 years and I have kids, which I know shouldn't be a factor and against the law, it is something for an employer o think about. So of-course I totally understood if I did not get the position. 

But I also knew that I was ready for it! Yes this momma is so proud of herself!
My first real position as a grown up! hehe..

The timing, the energy was all aligned for this in my life. I didn't get this promotion by luck. I went in, I worked hard, I projected my true self. I was confident. I used common sense and this little notion called respect.

The point is, I believed in myself this year! 
I strived for every little detail. I worked, I planned, I keep going. I take each moment as they come and stay grateful for even the smallest, minuscule things. 

Listen, I hear alot of NO's. Sometime I never even receive any responses! I am aware of a lot of people who might doubt me - Trust me, negativity can surround and envelop me, and hearing a NO is not exactly a game changer but you certainly can't sit around and pout about it! You already know that right?

Positive Vibes, Positive Life!?!
So keep believing in yourself, keep that smile on your face, that positive energy and keep pushing forward! 

The best part of 2016 was meeting some really awesome people! There are still some great souls out there in this world! SO to all you I have meet and will meet in the future, Thank you for being authentically you!
Now I hope I encouraged you today with my little story of accomplishments in 2016! I could list about 5 more things I accomplished this year but I don't wanna burn you out...
SO Get out there and kill it!

2017 should be the best yet!

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