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End of the Year Fitness Update

OK I need to be totally honest with you guys
My workout goals were hit and miss this year. I bet if you follow me, you already know
Some months I had worked my butt off and others just felt like I had no time.
The beginning of the year I was at my best, my strongest in terms of everyday commitment and eating healthy.
Even my bod was looking the best it had in a really long time (thanks to Piyo) but then one missed day turned to two , turned to three and so forth...
A much as I tried and tried and tried to jump back on it, I failed miserably!

I would get a day or two in and vow to not stop but then of course other priorities came up and it was all over after that. I could not possibly think to work out at times and then of-course my wine always takes priority; Because, well Wine makes everything fine! ;)
I really wonder how these other damn women have time to squeeze a workout in and manage to eat healthy when they have all these other priorities to do

Tell me what you do please and how you do it?
I bet I already know
You wake up at 5am and hit the gym
That is my weakness...Waking up so early...
My best sleep can be found between the hours of 3-6am , why in the world would I want to take that away?!?!
I can argue all my points. Possibly have a list longer than the empire state building. I assure you that I have NO time!
BUT I can also get my ass up an hour earlier just like any other human being and get my shit done!
TRUST ME I don't want to---but you know that saying, if you want results you gotta work for it. I know, I know But it is so not easy!
. . .
Which brings me to this last question:

Anyone wanna join me?
Be my accountability partner. My alarm clock. My push when I need it most
Simply, or not simply, set your alarm clock for an hour earlier then when you normally wake up.
Drink a quick shot of coffee, grab your water and let's do it!!
I started this morning
Who is with me?!?!?!
My not so cute post-workout selfie

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