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QC Makeup Academy Introduction and Initial Review

It is official. I have became a student of QC Makeup Academy
An internationally recognized school for beauty and makeup artistry. I am currently enrolled in the Master Makeup Artistry course. Then move on to the Pro Makeup Workshop course.
QC Makeup Academy is an online, international school. We’ve been offering distance education courses since 1984, and we feel confident in saying we’ve mastered the art of delivering comprehensive course content online...
 QC had been a school that I had looked into for quite some time. I did tremendous research on finding the right school for me that offered certification. Would you believe it took me a year and a half to settle here?! It had to be the right decision, the right time. Essentially the right school/course.
While I understand distance education courses for something so hands-on is not ideal. Frowned upon by many actually...I honestly see no problem with it.
I had been taking online courses for years at my local junior college and let me tell you one thing - If you are willing to really devote your effort and your time. If it is really something you want to do, only then will you fully benefit from the education you are receiving!
With that being said an online makeup course will only be of value if you are willing to take that extra step. Understand that first and you can be successful!
I signed up with QC Makeup academy at the end of September of this year. Their are a total of 6 units in the Master Makeup Artistry course. I have just finished up with Unit A. Moved on to Unit B.
Honestly so far it has been quite informative and made me very aware of the basics. Such as skincare, skin issues, makeup tools, products, proper definitions of each makeup field and the ever important basics of the application process. Along with the provided material I did do some more research and reading on my own.
With Unit B I am just now transitioning into the actual hands-on process where I will apply, take pictures and submit my work to my instructor.
Every student is assigned a 'personal tutor'. This tutor will provide you with honest feedback, via voice recording, to your work and grade you by the standard A, B, C, etc. There are a handful of tutors that are all professionals with extensive work experience in the beauty industry!
I can not forget the amazing customer service and student support specialist whom have so far been nothing short of professional, polite and with a quick response time that you might not be used to!

Other perks include: a 21 day money-back guarantee, BBB Accreditation, Starter Kit (with some classes)
QC Makeup Academy offers 5 makeup artistry courses along with a Fashion Styling course, Hair Styling Essentials Course and a Portfolio Development Workshop.
A major perk of becoming a student of this online beauty school is that once you take a course , you get 50% off any future courses with them. This is great in building a business that can offer a little of everything for your clients. A one-stop shop!
What is even better is that you work on your schedule! You commit your own time with as little or as much as you want, or can, every day or every week.

Which works great for this busy momma! Of-course initially I had hope to finish a unit a month; but you know things happen and it is looking like a full Unit every month and a half. I would say expect that time frame if your lifestyle is similar to mine.
I will definitely keep you all update on my new school adventures!

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Starter Kit makeup and booklets
P.S. I won their styling wand in a giveaway on Instagram and OH-MY I am in love with it! (watch the video link) I can tell you the quality of the makeup, brushes and the curling wand are fantastic.

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